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The economic and good governance logic of “better regulation” is complicated. JC&A developed this useful figure to summarize the logic of reforms to regulatory systems. Approved for reprinting with copyright statement. http://regulatoryreform.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/The-Logic-of-Reforms-to-Regulatory-Systems.jpg  

Scott Jacobs was pleased  to be part of a workshop on Regulatory Impact Analysis in Indonesia, hosted by the Coordinating Minister for Economics Affairs, Darmin Nasution, and the Asian Development Bank in Jakarta. Here we are with the Minister, and with the talented RIA team in the Ministry.

In Lao PDR, JC&A in consortium with PM Group Global organised the final workshop on reforming the business registration system, setting up an inventory of business licensing, and measuring the costs and benefits of reforming 30 high priorities licenses and permits. JCA Senior Director, Cesar Cordova, is seated far left.

Scott Jacobs’ 2017 Final Report on Good Regulatory Practices in APEC Economies scores APEC economies against key GRPs, and concludes, “APEC economies… continue to invest heavily in upgrading the quality of their regulatory frameworks.” https://www.apec.org/Publications/2017/08/2016-Final-Report-on-Good-Regulatory-Practices-in-APEC-Economies

Congratulations to the OECD and the Mexican government for the successful 10th Conference on Measuring Regulatory Performance held last week in Mexico City.  JC&A in consortium with Ergo group were selected to design, develop and implement the new National Registry of Regulations, Formalities and Services from CONAMER in Mexico.

The Regulatory Guillotine, systematized by JC&A for wide application since 2008, is spreading quickly, and is now being discussed in Russia. The RG has eliminated over 25,000 outdated regulations globally so far, with annual savings of $10b +.  https://iz.ru/758588/inna-grigoreva/trebovaniia-k-biznesu-otpraviat-na-gilotinu

JC&A presented the study of the milk value chain in Mexico at the National Public Policy Laboratory thanks to the organizers!   See the report at: https://www.economia.gob.mx/files/sipot/318/XLI/2016%20Leche%20bovino.pdf and a summary discussion by Jorge Velazquez, JC&A’s Director of its Mexico City Office, at” http://www.24-horas.mx/2018/07/31/necesario-solucionar-fallas-en-el-eslabon-de-produccion-de-leche-en-mexico/