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IFC in collaboration with Switzerland’s SECO requested JC&A to assess two USD Investment Climate projects with a joint $5.8 million budget that run between 2007 and 2014 in Azerbaijan. Dr. Cordova designed and led a Measure & Evaluation team to assess the different components and Activities, to draw lessons and present strategic recommendations immediately applicable to the on-going and expansion objectives of the current and future business enabling initiatives. The JC&A team assessed the relevance, efficiency, sustainability and impacts of 22 key activities undertaken between September 2007 and summer 2014

JC&A prepared success quantitative and qualitative criteria; assessed and compared the 22 key Activities with the baseline and best international practice, consulted key stakeholders and analyzed results based on structural and external constraints and events; draw

results and lessons; and presented lessons-learned and recommendations in a report presented at a high-level workshop.

Azerbaijan, World Bank, 2014