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The Jacobs, Cordova & Associates provided consultancy services to IDEA Consult. The project was divided into three phases

  • to review the most relevant literature, prepare the basis for a solid conceptual framework and propose an update of the list of indicators for Good Governance and Globalizatio
  • to consolidate and finalize the conceptual framework including an analysis of data quality and methodology for the new indicators and inter-linkages between indicators
  • to assist in the implementation of the new set of indicators in particular ensuring comparability with the EU set of data with at least EFTA, candidate countries, Japan, USA and BRIC countries

The Jacobs, Cordova & Associates team was in charge of reviewing documents and providing pointed inputs and suggestions. A series of notes was produced to assist the project on key issues.

Multi-country, IDEA Governance Indicators Eurostat, 2009-2010