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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates was invited in April 2010 to assess progress and map out the next stages for a systemic report of inspections in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. This appraisal closed an important series of reforms undertaken since December 2004 by the Kyrgyz Government aimed at reducing the administrative burdens associated with inspections on the business sector. Though the second mission was postponed due to the political events of April 2010, the progress report produced by Jacobs, Cordova & Associates indicated that the new reform phase should clarify and set concrete objectives and be based on a multi-year policy including:

  • Improving the current legal framework;
  • Creating an institutional overview and coordination mechanism for all enforcement and inspection bodies;
  • Merging and consolidating some existing inspectorates to reduce the duplication, contradiction and the budgetary costs of enforcement;
  • Strengthening the regulation upon inspectors, as well as increasing their incentives (i.e., salaries and status, etc.) and developing a training program, and
  • Developing a business outreach program to build political support.

Kyrgyzstan, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), 2010.