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Tajikistan:  RIA Policy Blueprint

Under the multi-year ADB Investment Climate Reforms Program, and as part of the component concerning the setting up of a new institutional mechanism to improve the quality of decision-making during appraisal of legal and regulatory changes, JC&A undertook a series of actives to raise awareness, develop a blueprint and action plan, draft a Government Decree and legal reforms for mainstreaming a customized RIA to the legal and administrative system of the country. After the Decree publication JC&A assisted the Ministry of Justice and the National Centre of Legislation to undertake a pilot RIA, enhance dialogue from the business sector on RIA and develop the technical framework for a novel software system to implement and enforce the RIA disciplines. JC&A also advised on modifications to the Law and Legislation. As part of this project JC&A proposed the deployment of a novel RIA system based on “trust but verify” principles instead of “control and command” approaches.  See:   A Model For A Regulatory Impact Analysis System In Tajikistan with Ruben Barreto and Igor Gutan, ADB Briefs, ADB Manila December (2015)

Tajikistan, ADB, 2015-2017.