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JC&A Reinvents Rules

Thailand: Regulatory GuillotineTM

At the request of the Government of Thailand, JC&A designed and is the lead technical advisor for a national Regulatory GuillotineTM in Thailand — the Simple and Smart Licensing program (https://www.sslicense.go.th/en/content/page/index/id/52) . The program will review using the standard guillotine method over 1,000 licenses and other kinds of regulations. The review is being done by the 40-person national guillotine unit which is under the direction of the Vice Prime Minister for legal affairs. The review process will be completed by May 2019.

Thailand, Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry & Banking (JSCCIB) 2016-2019

Mexico: Design, Development, and Implementation of the Technological Tool of the National Catalog of Regulations, Procedures, and Services

The purpose of this consultancy is to design, develop and implement a pilot of the technological tool supporting the National Registry of Regulations, Formalities and Services (CNRTS in Spanish). In addition to allowing all public authorities in Mexico to comply with the requirements of the General Law on Regulatory Improvement, the implementation of this tool will bring positive security and give users a single information platform with regard to regulations, formalities, services, inspections and submission of complaints.

Mexico, IADB, 2018