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JC&A Reinvents Rules

Kosovo: Telecommunications Training

Assistance to the Agency for Electronic Communications and Post in Kosovo (AKEP) for capacity building as part of an extensive training programme funded by the EBRD. The project consisted of a comprehensive 40 day training programme and regulatory assistance in the electronic communications sector under the leadership of Development Dynamics.

 The programme was delivered on site in Kosovo covering areas such as regulatory organisation, planning and management and best practice consultation procedures. In addition the assistance included specific casework related to the development of a detailed three year strategic plan in conjunction with the senior management of the Agency.

Kosovo, Premier Dynamics Limited, 2017.

Thailand: Operational Plan for Regulatory GuillotineTM and Guillotine

At the request of the Government of Thailand, and with financing from the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), JC&A proposed a detailed operations plan for an expedited national Regulatory GuillotineTM in Thailand, with a proposed baseline budget. The purpose of the national regulatory guillotine is, within a broader economic reform program aimed at important constraints to economic develop, to deepen and broaden current deregulation efforts in order to establish a national regulatory environment that reduces burdens and better promotes private sector activity and economic development.

Thailand, Anti- Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT), 2016.