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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates in cooperation with the PM Group assisted the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in (i) the review and reform of the business registration process, (ii) the preparation of an inventory of all business licenses and permits, and (iii) the assessment and reform of a subset of business and permits licenses with the highest administrative burden using the Standard Cost Model methodology. The results were a fundamental reform to the registration of business procedures, the first inventory of all licenses and a streamlined business registration process and a series of proposals (with estimated savings for businesses) to 38 high priority licenses and permits.  The inventory making and the in-depth review of the 38 high priority licenses and permits were based on a unprecedented consultation effort with the business sector.

Through a follow up extension to the project, JC&A assisted the MOIC in the implementation of the some of the recommendations concerning the:

  • Streamline of the Business License for Industrial and Handicraft Activities
  • Streamline of the Business License for Wholesale and Retail Activities
  • Review/comment on MOIC Instructions on new business registration procedures as part of the implementation of PM Order No. 02

Lao PDR, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, with a World Bank grant, 2017-2018.