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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates offers a wide range of services in regulatory reform, rule of law and governance. Please click on the links below to read more on our services and tools in these areas.

We have designed the world’s largest and most innovative regulatory reform projects aimed at changing the market incentives that drive business behavior in highly regulated environments. Our clients include national governments and international institutions such as the World Bank/IFC/FIAS, EBRD, the European Commission, APEC, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, ILO, UNDP, as well as many bilateral aid agencies such as the various facilities of the European Commission, USAID, DANIDA, DIFID (UK) and Germany Aid (GIZ).

Regulatory Institutions, Regulatory Governance, and Reform Capacities
Training in Good Regulatory Practices
Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Programs and RIA Training
Licensing Reforms, Regulatory GuillotineTM Reforms, Simplification, Standard Cost Model (SCM)
Stakeholder Consultation and Management
Research and Diagnostics on Regulation
Monitoring and Evaluation of Reform Programs
Inspections Reforms
Independent Utility and Competition Regulators
Trade Facilitation
Public Administration Reforms