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JCA News

Senior Director Michael Griffin delivered six weeks of training to the Kosovo telecommunications regulator ARKEP. The final sessions were held in November 2017 in Priština.

Scott Jacobs worked with the SEC of Thailand from July-December 2017 on reform of conflict of interest rules in the capital markets of Thailand to prevent investor abuses. Pictured is Mr. Jacobs with Secretary–General Mr. Rapee Sucharitaku and SEC management.

Scott Jacobs and Giacomo Luchetta were honored to give a 5 day RIA course at the Bank of Thailand in July 2017. The RIA course focused on the use of RIA for financial regulations.

Scott Jacobs is assisting the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand to review and update its regulations on conflict of interest in the chain of product offerings, July 2017.

Scott Jacobs was engaged to work with the Bank of Thailand in organizing a bottom-up review and modernization of the regulatory framework for foreign exchange transactions in Thailand. The results of the guillotine-style reform were announced by the Bank in June 2017. https://www.bot.or.th/Thai/PressandSpeeches/Press/News2560/n2760e.pdf Thailand Starts Foreign Exchange Regulation Reform http://www.bangkokpost.com/business/news/1263187/bot-eases-up-on-forex-regulations https://www.bot.or.th/Thai/AboutBOT/Activities/Documents/RegulatoryGuillotine.pdf

Cesar Cordova and Jorge Velasquez taught a RIA training course to officials in El Salvador in May 2016.    

CUTS organizes two day training for TRAI officials New Delhi, Jan 19 (ANI): In a first of its kind in India, CUTS International along with CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition and Jacobs, Cordova and Associates (JC and A) are conducting a two day training workshop (18-19th January 2016)

JC&A senior associate Charles-Henri Montin was invited to speak on a panel at the annual conference of the European Public Health Alliance in Brusels on 2-3 September 2015. Montin was invited to give an independent technical viewpoint on the European Commission’s flagship strategy on Better Regulation. More at: http://www.smartregulation.net/2015/09/better-regulation-still-needs-to.html

JC&A delivered a 3 day workshop in September 2015 on Regulatory Policy in Aguascalientes for 90 public officials from the State, Municipal, and local governments.  Pictured is Cesar Cordova at the workshop.    

JC&A delivered a 7-day RIA training for 30 officials from ministries and regulatory agencies in the Ecuadorean Government on 14-22 September, arranged by the Secretaría Nacional de Planificación y Desarrollo. Pictured is Armando Ruiz a JC&A consultant and trainer.