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The JC&A Moldova team on the USAID Moldova Structural Reform Project was pleased to join Nathan Associates in presenting new findings and recommendations for reforming Moldova’s transportation permitting system. You can find more photos from the October 2019 public event at https://www.facebook.com/Reforme.Structurale.Moldova/

The Financial Express,  August 2, 2019, Bangladesh loses at least 20 per cent of its gross domestic product (GDP) for poor regulations, a regulatory reform expert said on Thursday. “Bangladesh is suffering from low level of regulations and the cost would be at least 20 per cent of its GDP,” Managing Director of Jacobs, Cordova

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“Dhaka, Aug 1 (UNB)- An international consultancy firm working with the country’s apex trade body has suggested reforming the regulatory landscape governing the activities of the private sector in Bangladesh to accelerate its growth here.” http://unb.com.bd/category/Business/regulatory-reform-a-must-for-private-sector-to-thrive/25020 Pictured are Scott Jacobs and Jorge Velazquez at the closing ceremony for the  institutional dialogue titled Synopsis of Regulatory

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“Jacobs, Cordova & Associates, international leaders in regulatory reforms described the RIA as one of the pillars of business regulatory reform strategies by the government.” https://todayingh.com/were-very-much-on-track-in-making-ghana-africas-trade-hub-ahomka-lindsay-21408/  

The economic and good governance logic of “better regulation” is complicated. JC&A developed this useful figure to summarize the logic of reforms to regulatory systems. Approved for reprinting with copyright statement. http://regulatoryreform.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/The-Logic-of-Reforms-to-Regulatory-Systems.jpg