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Albania: Re-engineering of Public Services for Agency for the Delivery of Integrated Services

JC&A is assisting Deloitte Albania in the processes re- engineering of 374 public service offered by 11 public Institutions of Albania. The beneficiary of this flagship project of the government is the Agency for the Delivery of Intergraded Services Albania (ADISA). The aim of the Government is to achieve a reduction of 25% in the service delivery time for citizens and business of Albania.

The work includes activities such as:

  • Setting up the baseline, in particular through an adapted Standard Cost Measurement methodology.
  • Proposing administrative simplification options
  • Designing organization model changes
  • Proposing Information Technology solutions
  • Transposing accepted recommendation into the legal and administrative systems of the country (that is eliminating and amending laws, by laws and internal regulations and manuals.

JC&A has been asked to provide training and capacity building of the reform team and ADISA personal on the different methodological aspects, options and tools.

Albania, ADISA – Government of Albania, under contract to Deloitte, 2016.

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