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Jacobs Cordova & Associates worked with the government of Kyrgyzstan to establish the scope and process of a systematic reform and review of all business regulations. This included drafting of a comprehensive Operational Plan, or a blueprint for the reform, that provided details of the complete reform implementation, including the series of strategic and operational decisions that form the design of the program, including milestones, timing, resources, and desired results as well as budgeting needed to complete the reform successfully according to the schedule. The Operational Plan addressed the following issues:

  • Design of reform procedures
  • Scope of the reform
  • Legal strategy
  • Political leadership and role of institutions in the reform
  • Timeline
  • The reform method, the review checklist, and the forms
  • Measuring the economic impacts of the reform
  • Communication strategy
  • IT solution and public website
  • Training needs
  • Resources and the baseline budget
  • Transition to long-term regulatory quality strategy

Kyrgyzstan, OSCE, 2013.