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The goal of the three-month project was to provide technical and legal advice to the government team as needed in drafting Strategy for Inspection Reform in Kosovo. In particular, the project aimed to assist the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) in the design of a transparent, integrated, streamlined, and objective-based inspection regime in Kosovo. For this, the project was organized into three interconnected components:

  1. Ensured an up-to-date inventory of all legal and regulatory measures linked to business inspection
  2. Advised the MTI on establishing an effective institutional architecture for a modern inspection system through merger and consolidation as well as the establishment of an encompassing Law on Inspection
  3. Provided customized recommendations, including deploying “risk-based” approaches to inspection, for launching reforms.

Importantly, the three components were underscored by overarching training, capacity-building activities, and communication initiatives in order to raise competencies and build a political constituency for reform.

Kosovo, Ministry of Trade and Industry, 2011-2012.