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JC&A assisted World Bank IFC in drafting the Action Plan for 2016-2017 for the newly established Secretariat of the Higher Committee for Inspection Coordination in charge of coordinating 14 different inspection bodies and entities monitoring, inspecting, enforcing and assisting businesses with comply with the country laws and regulations.

The Action Plan envisaged work on three key areas:

  1. Making the Secretariat operational–supporting the Higher Committee throughout the year and, in particular, enact the new Law on Inspection.
  2. Finalizing and consolidating substantive on-going initiatives of the National Program (2012-2017).
  3. Cementing a strong business constituency for inspection reform, assisting the Higher Committee to push forward new reforms and innovations.

Overall the Action Plan consisted in detailing 42 distinct actions concerning: setting up of the Secretariat, assisting logistically the Higher Committee, driving coordination and cooperation actions between the 14 inspection bodies, improving the human resources of the inspection bodies, developing new initiatives and bulging a political constituency for further reforms.

Jordan, World Bank, 2015.