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In late 2014, JC&A won an OSCE three-year contract to “Strengthening Regulatory Governance and Countering Corruption in the Kyrgyz Republic”. Its aim was to assist the Government of Kyrgyzstan to undertake a Regulatory Guillotine™ to improve the governance of private economic activity, strengthen investment climate and reduce corruption. Through the Guillotine, the Government will remove unnecessary regulatory barriers to business and simplify administration so as to reduce opportunities for corruption. The Systematic Regulatory Review (SRR) will consist of:

  1. A systematic review and assessment of more than 4000 normative acts (i.e., laws, regulations, decrees, administrative procedures etc.) enforced by 26 different public authorities that impact private business, identifying those that unduly impede business by imposing excessive regulatory requirements on business or that accord government actors undue discretion in interpreting and applying the law.
  2. The development of recommendations to rescind or amend the normative acts so identified (and where it is recommended that an act be amended, the development of the proposed amendments).

For this, JC&A provided a full-fledged solution package of designing, managing and implementing the Systematic Regulatory Review, including providing technical assistance to implement the SRR with the help of the powerful guillotine a software, and implementing a RIA based methodology for conducting a rapid review of regulatory normative acts.

Kyrgyzstan, OSCE Center in Bishkek Krygyzstan, 2014-2016.