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The Turkish Chamber of Commerce (TOBB) – asked Jacobs, Cordova & Associates to provide a series of RIA courses to both Turkish officials and business leaders — tailored to the needs and background of each set of course participants.  These courses helped to build valuable capacities in Turkey to use RIA during and after Accession and with the mandatory European Impact Assessment system set up by the European Commission.  Jacobs, Cordova & Associates was in the process of providing three 2-day courses on principles, concepts, and practices of RIA, using examples and mini-cases from the EU and around the world for TOBB membership. The course was organised around the following sessions and was based on material developed specifically for the Turkish context:

  1. Regulatory reform principles
  2. Objectives of RIA in the policy process: what RIA can and cannot do to improve regulation
  3. Cleaning up rules with the Regulatory Guillotine
  4. Basic RIA Concepts and first steps for preparing a good RIA
  5. RIA and public consultation – how to make the best use of RIA from a business perspective
  6. Economic and financial aspects of RIA – Regulatory cost assessment for the business sector
  7. RIA in Turkey and how the business sector can participate actively in the process and procedures
  8. RIA and the EU Accession Process
  9. Institutional and organizational strategies from a business perspective: good practices and traps to sustain a regulatory policy

Turkey, Economic Development Foundation (IKV), 2007-2008.