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Global: Regulatory Reform Toolkit on Good International Regulatory and Competition Practices

Jacobs, Cordova & Associates designed a regulatory toolkit to provide ADB staff with a concrete and flexible tool that can be applied to ensure that the design and concept of the regulatory and competition elements of ADB projects meet quality standards.

This toolkit provided a quick reference to issues such as the reasons for regulatory intervention into utility sectors, the range and design of regulatory instruments, pro-poor policies, and the design, capacities, and governance of regulatory bodies. The toolkit was based on selected international experiences and benchmarks of good regulatory practice developed and deployed in OECD and ADB countries. It was organized into four sections: i) the public governance aspects of the infrastructure regulators, ii) the “corporate’ governance of these institutions, iii) a short blueprint of the main statutory aspects when establishing an infrastructure regulator, and iv) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) often raised when designing or assessing new regulatory structures.

Global, ADB, 2004-2006.