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The project consists of assisting the international organization REC Turkey with a managerial approach to undertake the RIAs of the BIRD, Habitat, Seveso, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Waste Management European Union Directives through a robust methodological system and a series of RIA techniques. The consultancy assists in the preparation of full-fledged RIAs, including the planning and the setting-up of a methodological approach, ensuring quality for each and all the RIAs, and presenting general results to the Minister of Environment and the EU Commission. In particular the project focused on i) the design of a customized management and oversight system based on a precise action plan involving the five RIAs; ii) the development of a “state of the art” methodology for undertaking the RIAs and building capacities of REC Turkey leadership and RIA task forces for undertaking RIAs adapted to Turkey, to the EU harmonization process, and to the environmental goals of the Directives, and iii) the insurance of the quality of individual RIA as well as the whole package of RIAs through a system of quality criteria and scoreboards.

Turkey, REC – Regional Environmental Center – Country Office Turkey, 2010-2011.