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The Moldova Institutional and Structural Reforms Activity (MISRA) is a five-year project that aims to improve the business and trade enabling environment in Moldova by providing emergency economic recovery assistance as the Government of Moldova (GoM) responds to an unprecedented economic crisis due to the war in Ukraine resulting in more than 400,000 Ukrainian refugees in Moldova; high gas prices and inflation; lost export markets; disruptions to supply chains; transport, and trade routes, and increased susceptibility to malign influences and cyber threats.

JC&A has supported the implementing activities under Component 2 of the Program–“Pursuing the Structural Reforms to Improve the Business Enabling Environment of Moldova.” Under Component 2, the Program is expected to assist the Government of Moldova (“GOM”) with structural reforms to improve the country’s business-enabling environment. The imperative of structural reform arises from the 2014 EU-Moldova Association Agreement. Moldova is committed to undertaking measures that fill gaps and correct distortions in the economy’s structure.

Moldova, USAID (Subcontract to Nathan Associates) 2022-2027