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We lead the world’s most popular applied RIA training course. Since 2006, we have presented, twice a year, the world’s most popular 5-day training course on RIA jointly (from 2006 to 2009 with the College of Europe in Bruges and from 2010 with LUISS Guido Carli University and the LUISS School of Government, and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)). Over 9 years, this course has trained over 700 people from every part of the world. This course has been based on extensive evaluation by participants, revised, and evaluated again each time the course is offered. Over 90% of our RIA course participants have said they would recommend the course to their colleagues, and several countries have sent participants to multiple courses. Our Applied RIA Course uses interactive methods to present RIA “in the kitchen,” as it is actually done by regulatory officials under cost, data, and time constraints, while preserving the quality of the analysis. Participants have included officials from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa from both public and private sectors.

Course topics have included:

  • Better Regulation Principles
  • Smart regulation for markets
  • What is RIA? An Overview of RIA Goals and Processes
  • Organizing RIA in the Policy Process
  • Using RIA to Reduce Regulatory Failures
  • Putting RIA into Practice: Choosing the Right Decision Criteria and Analytical Methods
  • Administrative burdens and the use of the Standard Cost Model
  • Assessing Alternatives to Traditional Regulation
  • How to Collect Data for RIA
  • Case Studies

Rome and Belgium, Private Subscription, 2006-present