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The Council of Ministers of Bulgaria engaged Jacobs, Cordova & Associates, partnering with IME in Sofia, to assist the Government in mainstreaming impact analysis (IA) into domestic policy processes at national and local levels.

JC&A carried out diagnostic work to determine the level of skills and capacities in the Bulgarian administration to carry out impact assessment and, on that basis, designed an impact assessment process for implementation throughout the national ministries, and eventually in municipal governments. JC&A also designed and interactive Web portal and an IA manual. The impact assessment program was based on good European practice and recommendations of the European Commission under the Lisbon agenda. JC&A and IME also designed a stakeholder consultation process with a consultation manual, as well as a consultation portal for the use of the government. Finally, a national training program was carried out, and JC&A and IME trained almost 400 civil servants and stakeholders around Bulgaria over 18 training courses.

Bulgaria, Government of Bulgaria (co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union), 2008.