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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates worked on a 3-year project in Bangladesh, financed by the Bangladesh Investment Climate Fund (BICF), that was divided into two components:

Component 1 was a set of training modules that present a curriculum that incorporated cutting edge tools and techniques used in research and analysis. We presented a series of training courses in Dhaka and Bangkok with four broad thematic modules:

  • Module 1 – Identifying growth drivers: some areas of focus include – Micro-to-macro approach; bottom up, sector based approach; analyze growth drivers and competitiveness in different sectors of the economy; understanding macroeconomic barriers to competitiveness; growth accounting, growth regression and growth diagnostics approaches; quantitative value chain analysis and policy analysis matrices, etc.
  • Module 2 – Estimating location advantage: some areas of focus include – spatial analysis; spatial autocorrelation, interpolation, regression, interaction; Livelihood studies etc.
  • Module 3 – Analyzing cost and benefits of regulations: some areas of focus include – process mapping; administrative barrier reviews; standard cost methodology; regulatory impact analysis; cost-benefit analysis, etc.
  • Module 4 – Investment promotion

Component 2 on Regulatory Impact Assessment required supporting the Bangladesh Ministry of Law in setting out the legal framework, administrative procedures, methodologies, integration with public consultation, and a transition plan for implementing RIA in Bangladesh and preparing the Legal Impact Assessment Unit in the Ministry to carry out a RIA method customized to the needs and capacities of the public administration.

Bangladesh and Nepal, World Bank, 2012-2014