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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates presented a paper on the topic of “Case Studies in Regulatory Reform and Regulatory Impact Assessment.”   This paper addressed the following issues:

  • Assuming there is a private sector demand for regulatory reform, and a government-sponsored program to implement such reform, what is the value and benefits of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) tool to the planning and programming of these reforms?
  • What is RIA, from a process and a government advisory service standpoint?
  • How does one conduct a RIA from a process standpoint (with regional Asian case study examples –including, possibly from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, The Philippines, Korea, and/or Thailand)?
  • Does RIA have relevance to planning regulatory reforms through a limited “pilot” or “incubator” approach, such as a Free Zone with intended “demonstration effects” for later nationwide policy reforms?; and
  • How can the private sector be brought into the RIA process?

Bangladesh, DFID/World Bank, 2004-2005.