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The main objective of this consultancy is to support the development of a “Regulatory Policy Strategy” for Chile, which is comprehensive and appropriate to address current problems. This strategy is to be built taking into account: (i) the country’s international progress and commitments; (ii) the adoption of good international regulatory practices that are appropriate to the context and needs of Chile; and (ii) different cutting-edge topics, such as climate transition, the gender gap, technological innovation, among others.

To fulfil our objective of supporting the Government of Chile to develop a comprehensive regulatory policy strategy, JC&A is developing the following activities: (i) Carry out a diagnosis that identifies the progress made and the existing gaps through the analysis of the legal framework, policy documents, manuals or guidelines and similar information (this desk work will be complemented with in situ interviews with officials from key institutions and relevant actors from the private sector and NGOs in Chile); (ii) Formulation of strategic recommendations to strengthen Chile’s regulatory policy; (iii) Development of an action plan with specific objectives in the short, medium and long term.

The results of the diagnosis, recommendations and action plan will be presented, discussed, and will be validated in an event, which has the participation of relevant institutions for regulatory improvement in Chile.

 Chile, IADB, 2023-2024.