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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates worked as part of a team led by Premier Dynamics Limited and J Kanervisto Consulting on a European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) project that provided support for the development of the Ukrainian communications sector through a specialised training programme. The programme of cooperation aimed to support the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine (NCCR) in the implementation of a modern regulatory framework in Ukraine, one which reflects international best practice. The training programme also involved of key sector policy-makers, relevant state institutions, private operators, and service providers in the training. The Electronic Communications Regulatory Training programme had a range of objectives designed to develop further one of the most dynamic sectors of the Ukrainian economy. They included strengthening the institutional and technical capacity of the NCCR and broadening the awareness of modern communications and competition concepts among the regulators, commercial operators, and consumers.

This training, financed by the Government of Finland, was part of the EBRD’s work with relevant regulatory telecommunication authorities in the countries of operation. It provided practical assistance with the development and implementation of sector policies, drafting of new laws and implementing legislation. It also dealt with a variety of fundamental electronic communications sector issues, covering all areas of law, policy, regulation, technical, financial, and economic practices.

During the eight-week training sessions, which commenced in April 2011 and was delivered over a six-month period, a group of EBRD experts provided the NCCR and sector specialists with an overview of world trends and a review of current regulatory systems. The training also covered: technical and regulatory aspects of network interconnection, the operation of a competitive market, market identification and analysis, access to and sharing infrastructure, managements of scarce resources, consumer rights and interests, regulatory impact analysis and a range of regulatory remedies including dispute resolution, complaints management and enforcement, competition issues and strategic management for regulators. As a result of this training, the EBRD and the NCCR were able to better understand sector needs and trends, further support needs, as well access the scope of the Bank’s potential investments into the Ukrainian communications sector.

Ukraine, EBRD through Premier Dynamics Limited, 2011.