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The general objective of this consultancy was to map processes, analyze and prepare proposals for improvement and simplification of 30 procedures or services, as part of the Zero Bureaucracy Program of the Government of Dominican Republic. These proposals contained a redesign of the process, covering the modification, elimination or addition of regulations, requirements, forms or instruments used during the process, or one or more steps of the procedure. The processes are modelled in a BPM technological tool and the BPMN 2.0 notation.

The JC&A team carried out the collection of information of the procedures to be mapped and the analysis of it, including the related regulations and documented processes. It then held a series of meetings with the “owners” of the processes. Based on this the consulting team modelled the baseline process (As-Is) using BPMN notation, and then designed a new simplified process (To-Be). The proposed changes were validated with the institutions involved.

 Dominican Republic, UHNDP, 2023-2024.