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The objective of this project was to diagnose the complete process of electronic registration of companies, to optimize, stimulate and promote the use of the “One-Stop Shop,” as well as identify recommendations for reforms that may be implemented in the short and medium term, by the best global practices in this matter, to reduce the opening time of companies within three business days in the Dominican Republic. JC&A implemented BPR techniques to conduct a complete mapping of the process of starting a business in the Dominican Republic and prepared a re-engineered to-be process. JC&A prepared several deliverables:

  • Comparative study of international best practices where the process of opening new companies is conducted virtually as the only way, including measures and actions carried out, processes, and time required for the transition.
  • Diagnosis of the operation of the opening and face-to-face formalization and flow chart of the process through the Single Window of Formalization, with analysis of the integration of the new ONAPI and DGII systems, within the electronic platform “Formalize yourself.” Barriers and obstacles that entrepreneurs, investors, and project managers face at the time of formalization and creation of new companies, both physical and virtual, as well as the opportunities for improvements, in the short and medium term, to make the electronic platform “Formalize” a more efficient, friendly, and fully electronic system, integrating the digital signature and the virtual payment of required stamps.
  • Action Plan and a work schedule to ensure that the largest number of companies established in the country are conducted through the Formalized Window and that, eventually, it can be migrated to develop online business registration as the main route in the Dominican Republic and within three business days.
  • Final consulting report summarizing the activities and interviews and conclusions and recommendations.
  • Used BPR to map the process of registering a Business using the one-stop-shop for business registration and prepared reform recommendations.

Dominican Republic, UNDP, 2020