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The general objective of the project was to provide the newly created Regulatory Improvement Organization (OMR in Spanish) with the methodologies, tools and mechanisms necessary for the coordination and establishment of the Regulatory Improvement System in El Salvador. Operational manuals for its operation, tools for the analysis of regulations, mechanisms for dialogue and consultation with the private sector and its users were provided; as well as contributing to the strengthening of the capacities of the governmental institutions that form part of the system and providing the technical support to all the institutions in the development of their functions within the framework of said system.

In order to fulfill the objective, JC&A worked in close coordination with the authorities of FOMILENIO II, of MCC, the Presidency of the Republic of El Salvador, the OMR and the staff of public institutions that are part of the Regulatory Improvement System (SMR) to ensure their involvement and the incorporation of their inputs. In addition to promoting the coordination and articulation of the member institutions of the SMR, taking into account their actual capacities, JC&A contributed to the institutionalization of the OMR through technical strengthening for the proper performance of its functions; capacity building in the implementation of RIA, including the preparation of manuals and formats; the training of public officials and relevant actors through workshops and seminars; the establishment of a public-private dialogue and communication strategy; and the strengthening of the Regulatory Improvement System through advising personnel and key institutions.

The following main products were delivered:

A toolkit consisting of thematic sheets on methodologies, tools and mechanisms necessary for the coordination and establishment of the SMR in El Salvador.

  1. A diagnosis of the capacities installed in the institutions that make up the SMR, and a training plan for the technical team of the OMR, FOMILENIO II and governmental institutions.
  2. Teaching materials and methodological guides to replicate training workshops on various topics related to regulatory reform and improvement
  3. A communication strategy for the OMR; a plan to implement the public consultation and information gathering processes of the OMR, as well as application instructions for the mentioned processes.
  4. A report with the technical opinion on the quality of the four Regulatory Impact Assessment pilots carried out by the OMR staff (on topics chosen by the OMR itself), including resulting recommendations and areas of opportunity for improvement for the gradual implementation of the mentioned processes.
  5. Regulations, manuals and operating instructions and operational policies of the OMR.
  6. Proposal of the methodology with the selection criteria to determine the regulations that would be subject to analysis, including the publication format of the respective opinion.
  7. A proposal for the creation and operation of a national registry of procedures and regulations (mechanisms to systematize, register and publish regulations and procedures).
  8. A feasibility study for the systematic review of El Salvador procedures and regulations to evaluate the possibility of launching a Regulatory GuillotineTM.
  9. A technical proposal for the design and implementation of simplification and registration of procedures and regulations.
  10. Recommendations for the permanent institutionalization of the OMR and regulatory policy in El Salvador.

El Salvador, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), 2016-2017.