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On behalf of the donors, JC&A carried out a major evaluation of the design and implementation of Vietnam’s new National Business Registration System (NBRS), the national IT-based Information Distribution System, and the Financial Statements Filing System. Business registration reform in Vietnam was planned for almost a decade. Our evaluation assessed the project design, progress made to date, and the desirability of continued investment in further phases of the project. We assessed many aspects of performance using a range of measures of different dimensions of effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability. For example, we examined system sustainability, which meant, for the purpose of our assessment, that the NBRS has the capacities, incentives, and resources to provide services of acceptable quality over the medium-term (5-10 years). The assessment examined four issues relevant to sustainability. (1) Support of key stakeholders: There is a sufficient basis of support among stakeholder groups to move this reform forward and sustain it. (2) Financing and workload issues: Under current government policy, there seem to be future problems with sustainable financing and the correlation between revenues and costs. (3) Fee structures and efficiency; (4) Quality of data, initially and over time.

Vietnam, Swiss Confederation, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SEC), 2009.