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The objectives of this high-level project were to assist the Prime Minister of Albania in assessing the results of Albania’s business environment reforms and to map out the policy options for the next government.

As a first step, JC&A analyzed and took stock of the work done on licensing and inspections in Albania over the past five years (including but not limited to understanding the reasons behind the poor ranking of Albania’s World Bank Doing Business indicators). Based on this diagnostic, he proposed to the Prime Minister different strategic options according to objectives, impact of outputs, and timelines. A particular concern in the review was to propose collaborative initiatives among different international donors’ efforts and develop monitoring mechanisms to follow the progress of reforms. One of the key recommendations was designing a methodological approach – based on impact assessment techniques – to discuss, evaluate, and decide on an inspection reform policy for the country. Drafting of strategic executive notes for the Prime Minister’s advisors and senior officials. Presentations and meetings with PM. Preparation of final report.

Albania, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy (METE), 2009