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This project was part of the Business Enabling Environment Programme from DFID which addresses the need for an improved Business Enabling Environment in Ghana.

The aim of the assignment was to develop a work plan (including budgets) to undertake reforms in the area of business operating licenses and permits in order to reduce the time it takes to get these licenses/permits.

In close collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD), the work performed focused on three areas of intervention:

  1. Streamline construction permits processes under the purview of the MLGRD and other institutions where there are gaps.
  2. Update the process review of the Business Operating Permit and Business Development Permit, in order to rationalise and merge licenses and processes, as well as simplify and standardise payment methods including e-payment systems.
  3. Support the development of systems and procedures for staff including training and improving the quality of information provided to the private sector

JC&A also analysed the convenience of applying the guillotine approach to drive reforms in this area; assessed the technical capacity and ownership of reforms by the MLGRD team and related institutions to drive the reforms; assessed MLGRD monitoring systems and the capacity for the organisation to establish baselines and generate programme monitoring data; and considered if some elements of the reform could be implemented on a piloted basis.

Ghana, DFID, under contract to Coffey International,  2015.