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Through an intensive 10-month project, JC&A assisted the General inspectorates of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the General inspectorate of the Republic of Srpska to improve their inspection services through better processes, procedures and tools.  Key activities focused on:

  • Improving the deployment of Risk-based inspection management systems n the internal market,
  • Enhancing internal control of inspections and inspectors work
  • Continuing the development of inspection check lists in accordance with good EU practices,
  • Increasing the level of information exchange between inspection services at different levels of authority in B&H,
  • Training the inspectors and staff, especially in the areas of food safety, phytosanitary, veterinary, health, environmental (ecology and water) inspections, on the latest European Union good practices of preventive surveillance,
  • Assisting in the development of annual training plans for inspectors, and support in the implementation of those plans,
  • Preparing a web-based system to assist the periodic certification of inspectors in the FB&H,
  • Improving the monitoring of inspectors’ work and improving transparency through improvements of the E-inspector system,
  • Improving the Inspectorates’ webpages.

The work which started in February 2015 involved more than 19 international and local inspection experts working on specific sectoral inspection issues. They prepared baseline reports, recommendations and provided tailor-made workshops. The project also included a series of seminars on key trans-sectorial inspection issues, like risk-based inspection, coordination for food safety controls, communication and consultations and internal governance techniques on anti-corruption, human-resources and other internal control aspects. A study tour to Northern Ireland provided a benchmarking with European Union and United Kingdom goods practices.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic of Srpska, World Bank, 2015-2016