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JC&A assisted the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) in reforming, enhancing transparency, improve the efficiency and predictability of the operating licensing regime required by sectoral ministries in Lao PDR. (The work was complementary to the 2017 business registration reform).

In the Lao PDR contract, JC&A implemented the BPR methodology to streamline nine public services, which included mapping the process, conducting a legal assessment, and measuring the costs and burdens imposed on businesses using the SCM. Then, using reengineering techniques, JC&A designed a “to be” process and worked with the government to adopt the recommended reforms based on good international practices.

JC&A worked on three major areas:

  1. Designing and piloting a new framework for business licensing based on risk assessment and ex-post controls.  JC&A worked on reforming nine priority business licenses from five different Ministries using the BPR and Standard Cost Model methodologies to measure the costs and burdens of licenses imposed on businesses.
  2. Setting up the Business License Electronic Portal (an online catalog of all business licenses) to allow a more systematic approach to publishing and regularly updating business license information. The BLEP will improve the business climate by improving access to regulatory information, cutting business administrative compliance costs, and reducing corruption and excessive discretion during licensing applications and inspections.
  3. Preparing a series of guidelines and facilitating dozens of workshops aimed at public officers on adopting a risk-based approach toward licensing. The guidelines in Lao and English were tailor-made by the specific administrative culture and features of the Lao PDR authorities, the regulatory framework, and the administrative practices to adopt a risk-based approach in Lao PDR.

The deliverables were the following:

  • A series of guidelines to reform and streamline licenses related legislation and adopt a risk-based approach.
  • Mapping the process to obtain nine of the most burdensome business licenses and preparing reengineering recommendations.
  • Building the capacity of Lao licensing authorities to implement the proposed reforms and adopt a risk-based approach towards licensing.
  • Setting up the “Business License Electronic Portal” portal, which includes the online catalog of all business formalities and licenses required by Lao PDR central government authorities.
  • Used BPR to map and streamline 9 Business Operating Licenses

Lao PDR, World Bank, 2019-2020