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Based on a report and recommendations prepared by Jacobs, Cordova & Associates for FIAS, Macedonia’s Government launched an impressive array of regulatory reforms. The first phase launched in early 2006 was the launching of a Regulatory GuillotineTM process which reviewed existing licenses and permits and other administrative procedures which focused on implementing statutory time limits, including; “silence is consent” rule; reduction of time limits; reduction of documentation; reduction of tariffs and fees; amending Laws and abolishment of Laws. The second phase culminated in spring 2008 with the establishment of a Regulatory Impact Analysis system. The program was driven a regulatory reform ‘sector’ in the Prime Minister General Secretariat serving high-level inter-ministerial committee in charge of a national strategy for pro-business reforms. These initiatives were financed by a World Bank loan and different donors’ grants (i.e., BERIS project).

Macedonia, World Bank, 2004-2005.