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This intensive 4-month project aimed to measure and evaluate if the multi-year reform started in 2005 of Kenya’s licenses and permits environment had reached the Government’s proposed objective of a 25% reduction of regulatory burdens for businesses by 2012. For this project, Jacobs, Cordova & Associates deployed practical and customized Standard Cost Measurement methods and tools to:

  • Assess the compliance costs for 26 high-priority licenses affecting key economic sectors.
  • Design a model that can model the compliance costs for all business licenses currently based on a sample of representative one.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of reforms launched since 2005.

Essential insights from this measure and evaluation (M&E) project permitted JC&A to document the critical role of establishing political targets for major reforms to galvanize the efforts of ministries and stakeholders and avoid the many pitfalls through transparent and strict measurement standards.

Kenya, World Bank, 2011-2012