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This was the first 5-day course in Spanish aimed at assisting participants to understand and use Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) concepts and methods. It mixed methodological support, and participatory group work around case studies:

  • After a brief presentation of RIA concepts, the course dealt on a didactic way to use RIA in a typical public authority rule-making process. Key emphases underlined were that the implementation of RIA is not a rigid mechanism, but a flexible tool that can be adapted case by case and exploit many existing procedures and common sense.
  • The step-by-step “learn by doing” sessions were organized on brief methodological sessions in small interactive groups and plenary discussions of a prototype case study adapted to Latin-American, and in particular Mexico, context. Additional and relevant examples will increase and0 explore additional aspects and add value to the training.
  • A final set of sessions discussed aspects such a mainstreaming RIA in the current institutional and administrative framework, or setting up indicators to evaluate the quality of a RIA or very prosaically develop a ‘to do’ list to launch a RIA.

Private Subscription, Mexico, 2014.