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JC&A developed a set of practical indicators for the Government of Moldova that measures the impacts or results of national regulatory reform agendas. Measurement of results is needed to sustain and improve Moldova’s reforms and to monitor the implementation of reforms. We evaluated international experience in indicators of regulatory reform and developed a range of possible measures for Moldova, including input, output, and outcome indicators. JC&A recommended that Moldova rely on a mix of 30 indicators composed of objective and subjective measures. We also examined applying the “more for more” principle to create incentives for improving performance on the indicators and recommended several options. Data for 13 qualitative indicators have been collected through a business perceptions survey designed by JC&A and conducted by a survey company in partnership with JC&A. The overall objective of the survey was to collect businesses’ views on the extent of the burden of regulation, both in general and in the area’s competence of selected public agencies. 670 businesses were interviewed “face to face” between Apr. 15 and May 15, 2016.

Moldova, Project Implementation Unit of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project (PIU), 2015-2016.