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The project’s objective consisted of evaluating the Public Service Agency’s (PSA) performance. Established in 2017, the PSA manages more than 100 administrative services. It was created through the merger of six institutions that previously operated independently. Since then, the operational processes, the mixture of products/services, and the staff have increased beyond the 2017 blueprint. The project’s objectives included evaluating its overall performance, considering its organizational structure, human resources, budget resources, specific operational processes, and IT support systems, identifying the gaps, providing organizational development recommendations, and developing a restructuring plan. Concretely, JC&A worked on:

  1. A stakeholder mapping for each relevant area of PSA
  2. An extensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis of crucial PSA areas
  3. A diagnosis based on its new strategic vision and the analysis of its legal framework and organizational structure
  4. The review of public services delivery systems and the IT support systems, including recommendations
  5. Development of a Roadmap and Action Plan for the implementation of recommendations, including metrics and risks
  6. A Change Management Plan – including a retreat for PSA senior managers focused on the proposed Roadmap and encompassing the recommendations provided

Moldova, World Bank, 2022-2023