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As part of the IFC Moldova Investment Climate Reform Project, JC&A (JC&A) conducted a comprehensive study and analysis of inspection/control functions in the Republic of Moldova affecting the business environment of the country. It aimed to understand, through evidence, the current challenges of facilitating further legal and institutional reforms and streamlining by the Government in the area of inspections/official controls, as well as to provide policy options for implementing promising reforms.

This final report was organized into three sections. After a section providing the legal and economic context, Section B analyzes the main problems and challenges found in the institutional and legal inspection environment. This provided the elements to propose, in the final Section, key policy options for the government to address them.

The report was presented and discussed during a series of workshops organized in July 2016 with government officials from the Ministry of Economy, the Chancellery, and other ministerial and stakeholders. It has been used as a central component for the discussions for the reforms of the Law on Inspection No 131 of 2012. Currently, the Government is in the process of consolidating the inspectorates.

JC&A designed a unique database that gathered information from 58 organizations: 33 covered by the recent Law No 131 and 25 public authorities (called in this report “informal” inspectorates), which were undertaking control functions beyond Law No. 131’s scope. The database also listed the 244 normative acts that currently frame the inspection functions of the State. Annexes of the Report described these “formal” and “informal” inspectorates. The database contains 35 fields tracking 39 basic questions applied during the institutional survey and bilateral meetings. Of the 58 institutions contacted, only 39 provided a complete set of responses to the study questionnaire. JC&A also organized a series of focus groups with business representatives and organizations to discuss and validate key findings.

Moldova, World Bank, 2016