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The purpose of the Moldova Structural Reform Program was to improve the business and trade-enabling environment in Moldova by helping GOM institutions and the private sector accelerates the implementation of trade liberalization mechanisms, adopt structural and business-enabling reforms, and improve strategic communications between the private and public actors.

JC&A was in charge of Component 2: Pursue Structural Reforms to Improve the Business Enabling Environment of the program. Component 2 aided the GOM in removing explicit and implicit barriers to growth for small and medium-sized enterprises by focusing on a few areas of the World Bank Doing Business indicators, mainly trading across borders, dealing with construction permits, and getting credit. Financial sector stability, inspection reform, business reporting streamlining, and facilitation of the implementation of the approved law on local trade notifications/authorizations are the priority areas that Component two works on. Other topics included streamlining labor market regulations and promoting e-Government and digital commerce solutions.

Moldova, USAID under contract to Nathan Associates, 2017-2022.