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The objective of the project was to prepare a user-friendly manual for improving the technical regulations prepared by countries of the Andean Community (CAN): Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru. For this, JCA designed a review process and managed a small team to draft a harmonized Manual/Check for CAN regulators based on a clear methodology to develop, adopt, implement and submit to public consultation of technical regulations. The work consisted of reviewing current rules and practices used by CAN members and based on careful assessment of conformity and best international practices prepared the manual. The task was part of the EU funded project INTERCAN with the aim of contributing to the free movement of goods in the Andean region and a boost to the harmonization of technical regulations.

Prepared review questionnaire, visit the CAN State-members to apply the review questionnaire to different stakeholders; prepared a draft report, presented it to CAN government officials and finalized the manual together with implementation recommendations.

Peru, European Union, 2012.