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Community – The Regulatory Capacity Review of the EAC, carried out in 2010 by Jacobs, Cordova & Associates, was the first major analysis of the regulatory capacities of the EAC institutions. Published in 2011 by the World Bank/IFC at https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/2779, JC&A concluded that the various EAC institutions could successfully implement the common market only if they safeguarded the quality of their regulatory practices. This is a highly pragmatic and operational agenda. In preparing the report, we reviewed the capacities of the EAC institutions to develop, adopt, and implement the regulatory policies needed for the EAC Common Market to work effectively in the five Partner States (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi). The regulatory policies under review included the Treaty, the Common Market Protocol, and its developing body of regulations through Annexes, Schedules, and Acts of the Legislative Assembly. The Review covered the East African Community’s policies, institutions, and processes for making quality regulations, including how the EAC institutions interact with Partner States. Our review drew from relevant lessons from other international entities implementing regional economic agreements, such as the European Union, OHAOA, and COMESA, to better understand the regulatory quality processes, capacities needed, and lessons that can be learned.

East Africa, World Bank, 2010