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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates examined how improved regulatory practices that ease market entry and resource allocation, reduce barriers to new economic opportunities, and boost market transparency, flexibility, and pro-consumer competition could assist Ghana in boosting its competitiveness, trade diversification and investment. This assessment focused on regulatory practices in four areas: 1) Improving regulatory practices and capacities in trade-related and other public sector institutions; 2) Labor markets; 3) Barriers to development of the services sector; and 4) Selected infrastructure sectors. Jacobs, Cordova & Associates prepared a report, The Role Of Regulatory Reform In Export Diversification In Ghana. We concluded that “… to succeed against increasing competition in all of Ghana’s export markets, Ghana must embark on deeper and faster reform to reduce factor costs, relieve emerging bottlenecks that impede exports, and provide a supportive business environment for entrepreneurs as they develop new products and new markets.” The report contained a series of detailed recommendations for reform of regulatory regimes in various sectors.

Ghana, World Bank 2003.