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Strengthening the capacities of Colombia and Peru to improve regulatory impact analysis (RIA) of technical regulations is a critical element in improving economic growth and facilitating international trade. The project’s goal was to design a system that would allow the governments of Colombia and Peru to incorporate good regulatory practice in the field of technical regulations, in particular through the introduction of effective regulatory impact development (RIA). This 14-month project included components of diagnosis and recommendations, training and capacity building, and the implementation of RIA into four RIA draft technical regulations. The project culminated in a proposal to establish RIA in both countries (supplemented with a Methodological and action Plan Manual/Guide).

There were 5 stages of the project:

  1. Planning
    1. a.  Establishment of a monitoring group (MINCETUR, MEF, INDECOPI)
    2. b. Diagnosis
  2. Pilots Developing RIAs for the Ministry of Production
    1. a. Technical Regulations for Gas Appliances
    2. b. Technical Regulation for Cables
    3. c. RIA system design for RTs
  3. Preparation of methodological guide (Version 1, Version 2, and final version)
    1. a. Workshops with Regulators Network (General, consultation, alternatives, impact analysis),
    2. b. Concept paper on RIA system
    3. c. Draft Supreme Decree
  4. Field Trip
    1. a. Study Tour to Ottawa
  5. Institutionalization Accompaniment
    1. a. Awareness workshops
    2. b. Action Plan to implement RIA
    3. c. Report on project lessons

Colombia and Peru, Canadian International Development Agency, CIDA, under contract to the Conference Board of Canada, 2012-2013