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Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union an enormous array of anti-market regulations and standards. Jacobs, Cordova & Associates working with the BizPro program run by DAI designed a large-scale Regulatory Guillotine™ that would work rapidly at multiple levels of government. On 12 May 2005, Presidential Decree No. 779/2005 “On Liberalization of Entrepreneurship and State Support for Entrepreneurship” was issued, quickly followed on 1 June by an implementing decree and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers. These mandates launched Ukraine’s “quick review” of regulations, which was conducted from June through August 2005. Reviews undertaken at all levels of the Ukrainian Government examined about 10,000 regulations.

In the short period set up for the Regulatory Guillotine™, 9,340 governmental regulatory acts were screened, and slightly more than half were considered to be noncompliant with the state regulatory principles and were requested to be either fully or partly abolished. By September 2005, 94.5% of the work was completed. Over 1,500 representatives of the business community, academia and the non-governmental sector were involved in the Regulatory GuillotineTM.

Ukraine, USAID under contract to Development Alternatives Inc., 2004-2006