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The project contributed to the Syrian economic reform programme through the improvement and simplification of the business environment in the country in line with national requirements. The main direct beneficiary was the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET). The Competition Commission was also a direct beneficiary. Indirect beneficiaries included the Syrian business community, which benefited from streamlined procedures and lesser “red tape.” The Syrian Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC) was the Implementing Agency. The essence of this project was to offer strategic support the beneficiary public bodies in Syria in order to achieve:

  • Increased institutional capacity to implement and coordinate reform
  • Transparent and efficient service delivery
  • Harmonized and simplified procedures
  • Enhanced regulatory environment
  • Competition Commission up and running.

The project was suspended on request by the EU because of the recent events in Syria.

Syria, The European Commission on behalf of the beneficiary, the Ministry of Economy and Trade of the Syrian Arab Republic., 2009-2011.