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ADB asked JC&A (JC&A) to review the legal framework of Tajikistan’s inspection and control bodies. JC&A performed a legal mapping and analysis of 29 inspection bodies with control functions affecting the country’s business environment. Based on evidence gathered through deskwork, public consultation, and interviews concerning compliance costs focusing on duplication and overlaps, JC&A recommended a new institutional and legal infrastructure and provided policy options for implementing the reforms based on international best practices. The reforms should permit Tajikistan to consolidate the 29 existing bodies into a new and more efficient institutional architecture of 10 inspectorates. Based on the report’s results, the government has updated the Inspection Law and developed an action plan to reorganize the inspection bodies. Since January 2017, the Government has started implementing the action plan starting with proposals to merge five existing inspectorates into two new inspection bodies: one for food safety and the other for health. The action plan also considered working on additional recommendations proposed by JC&A. At the center of the project, JC&A built a unique database that gathered information from the 29 inspectorates: The database also listed the 116 normative acts that currently frame the inspection functions of the State and provided the duplications and overlaps between the inspection functions. JC&A conducted focus groups with businesspersons to approximate the duplication and overlap between inspection bodies, the burden of inspection visits, and other issues confronting firms during inspections.

Tajikistan, ADB, 2016.