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Through the DFID/Enable project, JC&A supported the Government of Nigeria and the Ministries of Commerce of Kano, Kaduna, and Enugu States in piloting public-private dialogues on future regulations and policies. Based on an inception analysis and an intensive “training the trainers” set of courses, JC&A developed an intervention process (and adapted methods and techniques) to assist each ministry of commerce in the development of a more structured approach and effective channels for consultation and engagement with the private sector:

  • Strengthened the competencies of public authorities to facilitate effective Public-Private Dialogues (PPD) within their respective state governments and
  • Built the capacity of select officials on effective consultation techniques/methods/ processes and communication capabilities.

A final component of the overall project involved undertaking an Economic Impact Assessment of ENABLE advocacy work to reform the threshold charges on cash withdrawals and deposits at banks related to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s reforms to its Cashless Policy. The report quantified ENABLE’s efforts to convince the Central Bank of Nigeria to reduce and adapt banking charges (than those it had initially proposed) to avoid the very negative effects on poor and micro and small firms. The study was prepared in collaboration with a local research institution.

Nigeria, ENABLE (DFID Funding) under contract to Adam Smith International, 2011-2013