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JC&A was asked by the Bank of Thailand (BOT) to provide customized RIA training services for around 50 of its professional staff. The BOT is in the midst of an institutional reform to update the capacities of the bank to regulate the fast-changing financial services sector, including dealing with issues such as new hedging strategies, crypto currencies,and currency exchange regulations.

In July 2017, JC&A staff presented a five day RIA course in Bangkok to BOT staff. The course consisted of the concepts and methods of RIA, but was customized to specifically address application to financial service regulation. We prepared to extensive case studies to demonstrate how RIA would be applied. The first was on regulation of electronic money institutions including the emergence of new pre-paid electronic payment products. The second case study examined the use of RIA in the EU Cross-Border Payments Regulation. Among the RIA issues where working groups did detailed work were categories of cost impacts, alternatives to regulation, and evaluation and performance monitoring strategies.

Thailand, Bank of Thailand, 2017.