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As part of the US MCC program to the Government of Tunisia to reduce poverty through inclusive economic growth, JC&A was requested to provide due diligence support to assess the implementing consultancy’s deliverables in terms of “Regulatory Reform and Digitalization”. Concretely, the work involved appraising and recommending improvements in findings, recommendations, and draft reports and presentations.

Over the course of the engagement, JC&A worked on the following activities:

  • Reviewed deliverables and other documents the principal consultant firm prepared related to Business Climate Modernization Project, Regulatory Reform, and Digitalization and provided feedback, assessments, and recommendations regarding project design decisions utilizing MCC investment criteria.
  • Assessed a short list of prioritized economic activities and related authorizations to be evaluated further, eliminated or simplified during the program.
  • Assessed ongoing reform efforts in target sectors undertaken by the GoT and donors and provided a technical opinion on the reforms.
  • Evaluated detailed projections on the expected impact of simplifying authorizations.
  • Assessed the consultancy’s recommended solutions for improving the RIA process, the web-based registry of laws, and the broader re-engineering of business processes.
  • Assessed the program logic for the proposed intervention(s) and provided a technical opinion on the strength of the explicit and implicit assumptions, the likelihood of success, and the sufficiency of the activities proposed to achieve the desired results.
  • Supported assessment of the economic benefits of potential projects by providing relevant case studies or data and conducting literature reviews and country comparisons.
  • Assessed whether SMEs, micro-businesses, youth, and women will be able to equally benefit from the proposed activities and propose modifications to project designs to ensure benefits can be delivered to these groups, both as employees and as entrepreneurs.

Tunisia, MCC, 2019-2020