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As part of a Consortium led by NIRAS International Consulting JC&A was in charge or carrying out a Regulatory Impact Assessment for the implementation in Turkey of the EU Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive. Concretely we organized the project into three phases:

Phase 1. Set up and train a RIA Task Force in charge of preparing a Preliminary RIA.

Phase 2. Data gathering and consultation in Turkey among government, businesses, consumers, by region, size of business and according to the potential benefits and costs for each of the reform models. During this phase, we also worked on specific studies and models, including the Standard Cost Model evaluation.

Phase 3. Draft the RIA Report and presenting to an expert workshop. During the project, we also focused on raising awareness of RIA and its evaluation methodology among officials of the Ministry of Environment and other stakeholders.

Turkey, European Commission, 2013.